The R Survey

by Joseph Rickert

The R Consortium is undertaking a multi-year effort to survey the whole R world. In a rather low-key blog post at the end of last month, the R Consortium’s technical committee, the Infrastructure Steering Committee (ISC), launched its prototype survey of R users.

The idea is to use the information gleaned from the exploratory questions in this first survey to craft a more refined version that can be sent out annually. So far, we have received approximately twelve hundred responses. Our goal for this first attempt, is to collect ten thousand completed surveys.

The map below indicates that our coverage is pretty good so far, but we would like to see more responses from Asia, Africa and South America. Additional responses from other areas of the world are most welcome, as well.

Please take the survey yourself and help us spread the word on social media, by word of mouth, and any other way you can think of. The survey will be live until September 15th.

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