Recent R Data Packages

by Joseph Rickert

It has never been easier to access data from R. Not only does there seem to be a constant stream of new packages that access the APIs of data providers, but it is also becoming popular for package authors to wrap up fairly large datasets into R packages. Below are 44 R packages concerned with data in one way or another that have made it to CRAN over the past two months.

alphavantager v0.1.0: Implements an interface to the Alpha Vantage API to fetch historical data on stocks, physical currencies, and digital/crypto currencies. See the README to get the key.

AmesHousing v0.0.2: Contains raw and processed versions of the Ames Iowa Housing Data. See De Cock (2011).

billboard v0.1.0: Contains data sets regarding songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list from 1960 to 2016, including ranks for the given year, musical features, and lyrics.

BIS v0.1.0: Provides an interface to data provided by the Bank for International Settlements. There is a vignette.

bomrang v0.0.8: Provides functions to interface with Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology data. There is an Introduction and an Example.

brazilmaps v0.1.0: Enables users to obtain Brazilian map spatial objects of varying region types, e.g., cities, states, microregions, and mesoregions.

census v0.2.0: Provides functions to scrape US Census data from the American Community Survey (ACS) data and metadata. There is a brief vignette.

cptec v0.1.0: Retrieves data from the CPTEC/INPE, Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, weather and climate forecasting center in Latin America.

coinmarketcapr v0.1 Provides functions to extract and monitor price and market cap of ‘Crypto currencies’ from Coin Market Cap.

copulaData v0.0-1: Contains data sets used for copula modeling in addition to those in the package copula.

CytobankAPIstats v1.0: Provides tools to access and process cytometry data from Cytobank.

data360r v1.0.1: Provides an interface to the API for the World Bank’s TCdata360 and Govdata360 platforms.

DescriptiveStats.OBeu v1.2.1: Provides functions to estimate and return the needed parameters for visualizations designed for datasets. There is a Getting Started Guide and two other vignettes.

dobson v0.1: Contains example data sets from the book An Introduction to Generalised Linear Models by Dobson and Barnett.

ensemblepp v0.1-0: Contains temperature and precipitation ensemble weather forecasts and observations taken at Innsbruck, Austria, which are contained in the forthcoming book (Elsevier) “Statistical Post processing of Ensemble Forecasts” by Vannitsem, Wilks, and Messner.

fedreporter v0.2.1: Implements an API to the Federal RePORTER, allowing users to search job projects from different government agencies.

fingertipsR v0.1.3: Provides an interface to the API for Fingertips, which contains data for many indicators of public health in England. There are vignettes for plotting Life Expentancy and for Interactively Selecting Indicators.

GetITRData v0.6: Provides functions to read quarterly and annual financial reports - including assets, liabilities, income, and cash flow statements - from Bovespa’s ITR (informacoes trimestrais) system. There is a vignette.

GetLattesData v0.6: Implements an API for downloading and reading XML data directly from Lattes. There is a vignette.

IIS v1.0: Contains the datasets and functions form the book Intuitive Introductory Statistics.

jaod v0.1.0: Provides a client for the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). See the API documentation and README file.

LAGOSNE v1.00: Provides a client for programmatic access to the Lake Multi-scaled Geospatial and Temporal database, with functions for accessing lake water quality and ecological context data for the US. There is a vignette on the Structure of LAGOSNE and another for Working with LAGOSNE. The following map shows chlorophyll concentrations in Pennsylvania.

lexiconPT v0.1.0: Provides access to Portuguese lexicons for sentiment analysis.

mapsapi v0.1.0: Provides an interface to the Google Maps API. See the vignette to get started.

matchbook v1.0.7: Provides a wrapper for the Matchbook API.

microdemic v0.1.0: Provides programmatic access to scholarly articles in the Microsoft Academic Graph.

mozzie v0.1.0: Contains weekly dengue cases in 25 districts of Sri Lanka from 2008/ week-52 to 2014/ week-21.

nyctaxi v0.0.1: Provides an interface to New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission Trip Data. The vignette describes how to get started.

opendotaR v0.1.4: Provides access to the OpenDota API.

PakPC2017 v0.3.0: Provides data sets and functions for exploration of the Pakistan Population Census 2017.

PakPMICS2014Ch v0.1.0: Provides a data set and function for exploring the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey: 2014 Children Punjab, Pakistan.

PakPMICS2014HH v0.1.0: Provides a data set and function for exploring the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey: 2014 Households Punjab, Pakistan.

PakPMICS2014HL v0.1.0: Provides a data set and function for exploring the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey: 2014 Household Listings Punjab, Pakistan.

PakPMICS2014Wm v0.1.0: Provides a data set and function for exploring the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey: 2014 Women (age 15-49 years) Punjab, Pakistan.

pder v1.0-0: Provides data sets for the Panel Date Econometrics with R book.

realestateDK v0.1.0: Provides quarterly information on Denmark Housing Market Statistics, including average square meter prices and the number of free trades for parcel and terraced houses, condominiums, and holiday homes in Denmark since 1992.

rcongresso v0.1.3: Wraps the API for the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies. There is an Introduction and a vignette for using the package with purrr.

repurrrsive v0.1.0: Contains recursive lists in the form of R objects, ‘JSON’, and ‘XML’, for use in teaching with examples, including color palettes, Game of Thrones characters, GitHub repositories, entities from the Star Wars universe, and more. v1.1-1: Contains datasets for the spatstat package.

statsDK v0.1.1: Provides a wrapper for the API to Statistics Denmark. Have a look at the API Console and the vignette to get started with the package.

SPYvsSPY: Contains historical data from the legendary Mad magazine comic strip.

UdderQuarterInfectionData v1.0.0: Provides the udder quarter infection data set, which contains infection times of individual cow udder quarters with Corynebacterium bovis. See Laevens et al. 1997.

USCF v0.1.3: Provides a function to retrieve information from the U.S. Chess Federation website.

XKCDdata v0.1.0: Provides a function to download data from individual XKCD comics, by Randall Munroe.

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