RStudio Blogs 2019

by Joseph Rickert

If you are lucky enough to have some extra time for discretionary reading during the holiday season, you may find it interesting (and rewarding) to sample some of the nearly two hundred posts written across the various RStudio blogs.

R Views

R Views, our blog devoted to the R Community and the R Language, published over sixty posts in 2019. Many of these were contributed by guest authors from the R Community who volunteered to share some outstanding work. Among my favorites are the multi-part posts that explored data science modeling issues in some detail. These include Roland Stevenson’s three-part series on Multiple Hypothesis Testing and A/B Testing, the four-part series on Analyzing the HIV pandemic by Andrie de Vries and Armand Bester, and Jonathan Reginstein’s two-part series on Tech Dividends.

RStudio Blog

The RStudio blog is the place to go for official information on RStudio. It includes posts on open-source and commercial products, events, and company news. Just scanning the summary paragraphs will give you a good overview of what went on at RStudio this past year. Among my favorite posts for the year is Lou Bajuk’s take on the complementary roles of R and Python: R vs. Python: What’s the best language for Data Science?.

TensorFlow for R Blog

The TensorFlow for R Blog provides “nuts and bolts” reading on building TensorFlow models that ought to be on the list of every data scientist working in R. The posts cover an amazingly wide range of cutting edge topics. For example, see Sigrid Keydana’s recent posts Differential Privacy with TensorFlow, and Getting started with Keras from R - the 2020 edition.

Tidyverse Blog

The Tidyverse Blog offers insight into Tidyverse packages and capabilities at all levels. Scan the summaries like you would a bookshelf in your favorite technical bookstore, and pick out something new like Davis Vaughan’s exposition of the new hardhat package which provides tools for developing new modeling packages, or take a deep dive into task queues with Gábor Csárdi’s Multi Process Task Queue in 100 Lines of R Code.

Ursa Labs Blog

Ursa Labs is a project devoted to open source data science and cross-language software sponsored by RStudio along with several other organizations for which we have great hope. Wes McKinney’s post Ursa Labs Team Report August to December 2019 provides an overview of the progress made in 2019.

Happy Reading!
Happy New Year!
from all of us at RStudio.

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