rstudio::conf 2020 Workshops

by Joseph Rickert

rstudio::conf 2020 got underway today with a huge training event featuring eighteen workshops taught by some of the most experienced and sought after instructors in the R Community.

The workshops covered a wide range of topics including the Tidyverse, machine learning, deep learning, JavaScript, Shiny, R Markdown, package building, geospatial statistics, visualization, teaching R and working as an RStudio professional products administrator.

  • Tidy Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • R for Excel Users
  • What They Forgot to Teach You about R
  • RStudio Professional Products Administration
  • Big Data with R
  • Introduction to Data Science in the Tidyverse
  • Text Mining with Tidy Data Principles
  • R Markdown and Interactive Dashboards
  • A Practical Introduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2
  • Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow in R Workflow
  • Modern Geospatial Data Analysis with R
  • My Organization’s First R Package
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with the Tidyverse
  • JavaScript for Shiny Users
  • Designing the Data Science Classroom
  • Shiny from Start to Finish
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Building Tidy Tools

If you were not able to be among the over 1,400 R users who attended, you have not missed everything. You can still immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of R study. All of the training materials are available.

For descriptions of of each workshop look here, and for the materials for each workshop, including slides and code, visit the conference workshop repo.

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