Skimming #rstats on Twitter

by Joseph Rickert

Even when filtering by the relatively sober #rstats hashtag, I find twitter to be the stream of consciousness of an undisciplined collective mind: disjoint and ephemeral. Nevertheless, on any given day some useful R resources float by, and it is frequently the case that interesting items disappear downstream before I can record them. Here are a few I did manage to fish out recently.

On May 12, @AedinCulhane announced that Bioconductor is seeking new members for its advisory board. Read about the positions, the process and make your nominations here.

Hex sticker for the Bioconductor Technical Advisory Board

@epiRhandbook celebrated the one year anniversary of the Epi R Handbook.

Illustration with some facts about the Epi R Handbook e.g. 182K users

@Physacourses tweeted about the reactablefmtr package which allows for the creation of interactive data tables in R.

On May 10, @tobigerstenberg posted the online book of his notes along with slides for the graduate level Psych Stats class he teaches at Stanford.

On May 9, @mdsumner called out @carroll_jono’s post Where for (loop) ARt Thou?.

On May 8, @eddelbuettel announced the new r2u: R Binaries for Ubuntu repo and demo of a full brms installation in 13 seconds .

gif running through demo

On May 7, @robinlovelace updated Geographic data in R, a book on how to get started with R for geographic research.

@RosanaFerrero pointed to Missing-data imputation from Gellman and Hill’s book and the FES 720 Introduction to R on the importance of missing values.

Julia Donaldon illustration from Room on the Broom

On May 5, @sharon000 pointed to @rlmcelreath’s Statistical Rethinking repo with links to free video lectures.

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