rstudio::conf 2020 Videos

by Joseph Rickert

rstudio::conf 2020 is already receding in the rear view mirror, but the wealth of resources generated by the conference will be valuable for quite some time. All of the materials from the workshops, and now all one hundred and four videos of conference talks are available. This unique video collection offers valuable insight into how developers, data scientists, statisticians, journalists, physicians, educators and other R savvy professionals are using their domain knowledge, analytical expertise and coding skills to make the world a better place. Talks range from very technical, R specific topics; to scientific contributions, best practices, applications of reproducible research, and the culture and sociology surrounding open source software.

There is a lot to see, but my advice is to is to begin with J.J. Allaire’s keynote which presents open source software for data science through the lens of RStudio’s history and mission.

J.J. Allaire's Keynote at rstudio::conf 2020, announcing RStudio, PBC

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