Some R Conferences for 2023

by Isabella Velásquez

A collage of various conference logos, including posit conf, NICAR, Shiny Conf, Shiny in Production, and more.

Happy January! Below, we share a list of upcoming conferences that either focus on the R programming language or showcase its use in the field. If we have missed your conference, please leave a comment with the details. We will update our list as we receive more information.


(2 - 5) Nashville, TN - NICAR is well attended by data journalists. Matthew Ericson, Assistant Managing Editor at The New York Times, noted the prevalence of the R programming language at the conference:

(15 - 17) online and free - ShinyConf 2023 by Appsilon will bring together members from the global community of Shiny developers to learn, network, and share.


(19 - 20) Chicago, IL - R / Finance has talks and sessions on various quantitative finance topics, including portfolio construction, statistics, quant ideas, and more.


(6 - 9) online - R / Medicine promotes the development and use of R-based tools to improve clinical research and practice.

(8 - 9) Universität Zürich, Switzerland - Psychoco 2023 aims to bring together researchers from statistics, psychology, and related disciplines working on modern techniques for the analysis of data from psychology and the social sciences.

(21 - 23) Avignon, France - Rencontres R 2023, supported by la Société Française de Statistique (SFdS), offers the French-speaking community a place to exchange and share ideas on using R software in all disciplines.


(2 - 4) Boston, MA - BioConductor provides an opportunity to learn about developments within and beyond the Bioconductor project.

(5 - 10) Toronto, Canada - JSM is one of the largest statistical events in the world and will likely feature many R-related talks.

( 19 ) Seattle, WA - Cascadia R Conf is an R conference serving the Pacific Northwest.


(17 - 20) Chicago, IL / hybrid - posit::conf(2023), Posit’s annual conference, will be at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. We can’t wait to see you there!


(12 - 13) Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - Shiny in Production will delve into the world of Shiny and other web-based R packages.

What an exciting season ahead! Hope to see you at one (or many) of these events.

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